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Riding The Fire is very reasonably priced. It will make a great Christmas gift for the pilots or aviation enthusiasts in your life. But this book is for anyone who craves adventure; who is planning to get into business and seeks the freedom to fly all over North America and the world looking for either.

Have a great Christmas

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"I have read the book and enjoyed every page…well written and most interesting…he is a remarkable man." Gabriel Wortman

"…an excellent biography of a very interesting pilot's experiences…some episodes were almost unbelievable… read from cover to cover in one sitting…a great book and should be read." Marlene Cochran

"I have not been able to put the book down…Ledger did a good job. It definitely needed another pilot to explain the pilot tech and put it into perspective for people who aren't familiar with flying." David Sheehy

"Holy crap!. You've got more lives than a cat. The book is awesome…you're something else, David McCulloch." Ginny Hope


Hardcover copies, with dust jacket, are only available via direct order at the PO Box address below.

Note that covers differ between the trade paperback version and the hardcover version.

A biography of businessman, pilot and adventurer

David Donald McCulloch



Forward by Dr. Joe Campbell

is now in print.

Riding the Fire
Box 571
Truro, NS

B2N 5C7


$29.95 USD, $39.95 CDN, Euro $27.95

Hardcover, perfect bound with dust cover.

305 pages with over 50 photographs

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Blood Shock

A Novel



Don Ledger

@DonLedger Blood Shock @ Kindle 5/5 stars. Chilling!!! billie jatzen wrote 'Ledger joins elite company, Nelson DeMille, James Patterson, and Michael Connelly page turner to the very end I loved it.'

Now just $2.97 USD on Kindle Book

A man was found, impaled on a tree in the forest.

Then things got serious.

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Comments from readers


"...I read your book BLOOD SHOCK. What a RUSH !!!!!" Phil MacBeth

"I began reading it after supper and finished it by lunchtime the next day. I couldn't put it down." Jeanette Palmer

"Really like this book.....bravo Don" dmcculloch

"Chilling!!! Ledger joins the elite company of Nelson DeMille, James Patterson, and Michael Connelly."
billie jatzen

"It’s dark with murders that are drawn from history and one I’m pretty sure came from an FBI book I read once."


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Blood Shock is a 6x9 Trade Paperback*

436 pages

On Sale Now

On Monday, the second week of November, a serial killer strikes near the small town of St.James in James County, West Virginia. Acting Sheriff, Dana Wilde, a transplant four years earlier from a homicide squad in the nation's capitol, suddenly has her hands full as one body after another shows up on her turf. A cop from New York City - a homicide detective - shows up in her office with a case of his own which he thinks might be connected. Is that the real reason he's in her town or is it because he and Wilde had an affair some six years earlier? Before Wilde can begin to explore forensic evidence more bodies arrive at the morgue.

The sudden media attention catches the eye of a hired killer out west. Young, beautiful and deadly she races across country to the small, formerly peaceful hamlet in West Virginia. She has mission of her own and someone she might have to kill but on her own dime.

Everyone seems to have their own mission including the serial killer who calls himself the Disciple. The media calls him the Slasher. The Disciple's MO is bizarre, beyond anything Wilde has encountered before-except perhaps in her nightmares.

People are dying fast. Two of Wilde's police officers are slain. When it looks like Wilde has the identity of the killer, things get personal. And nothing seems to be what it appears.

It's the work week from hell.


Starfire Press

Reviews of the novel

Blood Shock

By billie jatzen on October 18, 2014

Copied from (and

"Ledger joins the elite company of Nelson DeMille, James Patterson, and Michael Connelly. It was a page turner to the very end and I loved it."


Don, I read your book BLOOD SHOCK. What a RUSH !!!!! Never a dull moment. Great character development.
Loved the unexpected twists; especially at the end! Did not see that coming!
Good mix of action, detail and sex. Enjoyed the lead character.
When's the next book???
Phil MacBeth, BA,B.Ed,MA (via internet message)


Dear Don, I finished reading your book Blood Shock. The first six or seven pages did not reflect the fast pace of the rest of the book. I liked the characters including one - Cary Jean - whom I thought was a bit sick but she grows on you. I enjoyed the twists and turns and I was completly caught off guard by the twist at the end. Looking for a sequel. I am an avid reader of mysteries and salesperson for a major bookstore. I really enjoyed this book. Jeanette Palmer


***** Copied from and .ca
By T.Deraeder This review is from: Blood Shock: The Dana Wilde Case (Paperback)
The author, Don Ledger, keeps the reader in suspense until the end of the book then nails you again. This is a fast paced book. It’s dark with murders that are drawn from history and one I’m pretty sure came from an FBI book I read once. In some cases you know what’s probably going to happen but Ledger pulls out the rug. This is an independent book but aside from a few typos and formatting issues this is a great read; a real page turner. I found it online from Facebook. Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Powell’s etc, carry the book. Obviously I got it from Amazon where I note that Ledger has some other books available through regular publishers. Not sure why he went indie on this one. Amazon allows you to read 7 or 8 pages but those few pages don't begin to reflect what's coming. Female readers who like strongly drawn female characters will enjoy this book. It appears that the author has ended the novel with the intention of publishing a sequel. Hope so. I gave it five stars because it was an highly entertaining book.

Copied from (also see

I like it! ***** dmmculloch

By dmcculloch on September 4, 2014. Really like this book , a little bloody, but cnn is making a fortune on bloody events bravo Don.


The author appeared live on radio in Toronto. Sunday July 6 at midnight on:

The Conspiracy Show
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Faith FM, 94.3

in Kitchener at 6:00 pm on July 13th with host Barry Shainbaum.

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Recent radio appearences by the author:

Tuesday, September 2 - 95.7 Talk Radio (Halifax-Saint John) The Sheldon MacLeod show at 4:45pm. The subject was the crash of Swissair Flight 111* off Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, September 2, 1998.

Thursday, September 4 - 95.7 Talk Radio (Halifax-Saint John) with Rick Howe at 12:15pm, Subject Swissair Flight 111, the missing diamonds, emeralds, etc. valued at $500 million.

September 10 - California MUFON Radio with Lorien Fenton.

*Note that this crash appears in my column in Canadian Aviator Magazine this month. Available at Chapters, Coles and Indigo etc.



* Cover illustration by Elizabeth Piercey

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